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Sven Vath



Christian Eyer tells us about Sven Vath


Today I am talking about a Super Big Artist: SVEN VATH (German Dj Producer), one of the pillar in the world electronic music industry from more than 30 years. A landmark for the techno music all over the world, creator and founder of one the most coveted label of the globe, COCOON with which has brought a big wave of music and electronic since 25 years ago in Ibiza and the world, prominent names from almost every festival borned in the last 20 years.


Christian Eyer & Sven Vath


It was 2007 and I had the honor to invite him to perform in one of my party, that was his first time in my Island (Sicily) and I was waiting for the moment anxiously…it has been a special night, a magical party, and staring at him performing for almos 4 hours straight without making any mistakes, not even a track or a mix. He has always been one of my idol, and I have been a fan of him since I was 14, and I am still today that I have a lot more years. Having the opportunity to have him in my office, performing in my party filled me with joy. I met an humble person, but extremely charismatic, one of those big artist who can be considered “Eternal artist” but continuously in evolution. It i salso thanks to him if many important names in the industry exist, he “launched” many artists from his label and his parties in many parts of the worlds.



Article written by  Christian Eyer  for  Dome Music Therapy

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