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Paolo Bolognesi



Christian Eyer Tell Us About Paolo Bolognesi & Stardust Radio


Paolo Bolognesi needs neither nicknames nor prefixes. That he is a DJ can be understood at first glance, when he talks about beautiful songs and grooves, about the musical passions that come from his heart. Paolo was born in Rome and since the mid-eighties he has been part of the radio and record world, as well as of Italian clubs.


He began his career in a small radio in Rome, and after recognition, commitments, collaborations and many years of hard work, the turning point: in 2002 he participated in the birth and development of the m2o brand, where he leads "Stardust", the tangible sign of change. But it was much more, it was his definitive consecration.


"Stardust" becomes his calling card: the program dedicated to club music becomes a pass for the Olympus of club culture. The skilful blends of Techno, the ferrous doses of House Music and the massive discharges of Electronics are his daily fuel. He needs these energies to supervise the programs that m2o puts on-air: from Unique to Stardust In Love, from In Da House to m2o Diabolika.


Always in search of the most unscrupulous sounds, the irreducible Paolo enters into new trands, into fashion sound, without ever losing sight of the desire for fun that characterizes the entertainment sector. Thus his productions were born with impetus, instinctively: "Oh My god" (on Fahrenheit), "Noo", "One Two Three Four" and "The Bird", or "The Drill" of the homonymous track, or again "Strung Out" and "Fly away/come back". Among the countless mixes of the compilations then we find In Da House, Club Area and Club Area 2, Stardust Club 1-2-3-4, Diabolika Live Space in Ibiza where he was nominated Resident in 2007; Again in 2007 he gives life to his label STARDUST RECORDS.


It is the love for what he does that give as result his presence for over three decades in the best clubs in Italy. Anyone looking for him can easily find him with his records and with his credibility on "Stardust Radio - Energy Station" which he founded and still direct. A digital radio dedicated to club music 24/7!



Article written by  Christian Eyer  for  Dome Music Therapy

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