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Fabrik Catania - Super Club in Sicily



Fabrik Catania - Super Club in Sicily


Often, when we talk about Top Clubs, we just think to Berlin, London or Ibiza... today instead, we just want you to remind that for more than 20 years, expecially in Catania, respectable clubs and events have been present in Sicily, which have enlivened the Sicilian nightlife in recent decades.


Just to name a few, I remember well the events held at DOME or at Mercati Generali in Catania, as well as the historic locations such as Marabù & Taitù in Giardini Naxos, ToutVà in Taormina or Movida (now MOB) in Palermo...


Today, more than ever, we would like to inform you of a new Top Reality: FABRIK CATANIA (Event Space), born inside an old disused factory, an evocative and perfect place to create and host large musical events, where FABRIK CATANIA will bring, for the first time to Sicily, some of the most important national and international names.


Another reason to be proud of, is the possibility, during FABRIK CATANIA events, to donate clothes or offers through charitable organizations involved into Sicilian area. In short, FABRIK CATANIA has all the chances to be the new reference Top Club for Sicily!



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