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KOMMANDO: "I'm fluid and genderless, my first album"


Kommando, aka Francesco Carresi, is a 24-year-old artist who already boasts a veteran curriculum. Born into a family of musicians, he began studying piano, guitar and drums at the academy, thus embarking on his career as an artist. During his adolescence he discovered the world of electronic music and the figure of the DJ. He is dazzled by the possibility of being able to create connections between people and music and so he chooses to follow that path that will mark his entire career. Together with Leandro Bisenzi's “Stranomondo Agency” he will perform on various international dates.


From Ibiza to Dubai, from Bangkok to Cancùn, touching some of the best clubs and festivals in the electronic world, including "Illuzion" Phuket (Club No. 16 in the DJ MAG chart), "Habana Ciudad Electrónica", the first electronic music festival of the Cuban capital, and the Italian temple "Cocoricò" in Riccione. Quality producer reaches # 34 in Beatport's Top 100 Techno with his track "Progresso" chosen and played throughout the year 2017 by "Maya Jane Coles" within the ANTS party in Ushuaïa Ibiza.


Christian Eyer & Sven Vath


Since 2021 he has collaborated with the vintage fashion archive "TheCube Archive" founded by fashion designers Stefano and Corinna Chiassai, creators of the homonymous studio which for 40 years has been designing collections for the biggest brands including "Fendi Uomo". Together with the Director of the archive, Marius Hordijk, they create different outfits for Kommando that help him to further distinguish himself in his artistic expression, strengthening that relationship of complicity that fashion and music have always had.


"PIGGYBANK" is Kommando's first album, developed and conceived during quarantine, a period of stasis and standstill that led the artist to a great inner reflection by deciding to compare himself to a physical object, a piggy bank. Inside, emotions, sounds, flavors and all the elements of his lived experiences that have led him to be what he is today. The metaphorical break of the piggy bank is the sharing of his music with the world and with himself, it is the birth of this album. Five songs including three collaborations that talk about his past, present and future story, with the characterizing element of his voice. Singing is increasingly starting to make its way through his productions.





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