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Melodic Techno - Christian Eyer and Fabians



Melodic Techno - Christian Eyer & Fabians


A new project is born from the collaboration between Christian Eyer, a well-known Italian-German dj producer, label manager and her studio collaborator Fabians, a new dj producer from the emerging Italian scene, which will see them united both in production and in console with an exclusive and unpublished part dj set. It will be a mix between Electronic Deep and Melodic Techno, a never predictable sound with a melodic soul, but with electronic techno sounds, a sophisticated and quality B2B.


Geometric, the name of the EP, will see them engaged in a B2B tour together that starts from the production studio towards the best Dancefloors in the World, where they will play old and new unreleased tracks but also various remixes created specifically for their DJ SET, creating on some occasions a real Live by adding synthesizers, electronic drums and vocal shows to the classic dj set.


A project that has aroused a lot of interest from the beginning among professionals and non-professionals, Geometric is the first official piece that binds the 2 dj producers, who are already at work for new singles, with remixes of various friends and colleagues of a certain level. Christian Eyer's twenty years of experience together with Fabians' Freshness and Energy create a unique mix of their kind.



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