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Christian Eyer tells us about Mohabitat


Today I will talk about one of those "peculiar" artists. MOHABITAT is an Italian musician and live act He brought his vision of techno to many places, from clubs, to art galleries. He performs by himself, just with his instruments and he plays only music composed by himself.After 7 years of collaboration with Hamaranta for the visual part, in the middle of 2020 his project evolved bringing the attention exclusively to the sound.


Christian Eyer  talks about Mohabitat


MOHABITAT sound is a blend of dark techno and contemporary progressive melodies. With the use of analog synthetisers, deep rhytms and dark bass, MOHABITAT try to bring the listeners to a mental trip to create an unique "plot" during every performance.
Dark, but involving, mysterious and elusive... these are all terms that come in mind when we explore the sound of this project.



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Article written by  Christian Eyer  for  Dome Music Therapy

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