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MUSICA by Joy Kitikonti & Luca Pechino



MUSICA by Joy Kitikonti and Luca Pechino


Today I have the pleasure of presenting the latest release of two great artists and friends:

Joy Kitikonti, DJ producer with 30 years of experience, musician, dreamer and “creator” of Music and Emotions, person with whom I had the honor of producing tracks for BXR Media Records and with whom I have shared many events, as well as historical DJ and partner of Metempsicosi with whom he still works today, and Luca Pechino, vocalist since 1992, born artistically at the Insomnia Discoacropolis d’Italia, he subsequently became artist of the Metempsicosi staff, of which he is still an active member today. He also engaged in the role of Manager at the agency Reflex Booking, founded with his friend and partner Leonardo Brogi.

Joy Kitikonti & Luca Pechino give us a real masterpiece: "Music".

6 minutes and 42 seconds of style, released on the New Label "GRAFFIO" and already remixed by GLOWAL, LUCA AGNELLI and RUBEN MANDOLINI.

Have a good listening!


"We walked. We talked. We dreamt.
We were flowing through some Alpine landscapes, almost a year ago.
We felt it was time to express ourselves.
We felt it was time to enrich digital landscapes with some words and melodies.
We felt it was time to enrich words and melodies with digital madeleines.
We felt it was time for some tiny, little, entrancing magic.
We felt it was time for a break, for a strong choice. For a Scratch.
…a deep, gentle scratch.
We have seen and experienced seas of things over the years. Seas.
We were at the forefront of house, trance, electro, techno when Italy was leading the
game, back in the 90’s.
We were there, we were there, when dance music gathered thousands of absurd people, and we will
continue to be there, always and anyway.You can bet.
We spent years fighting for our audience to smile and trip. So proud of that.
We’ve been in the business for quite a while - and still are - but never, never lost our souls.
Simply: we follow our own path.
We continue calmly and confidently to follow our path."

And with the same simplicity, we asked our friends Glowal (Fabio Giannelli and Alessandro Gasperini), Ruben Mandolini and the great Luca Agnelli, to add their personal, special touch, which ended up transforming "Music" into an electro venture, on a sharp funk excursion or a wild techno beast:

“Music is freedom. Music is love. Music is life. Music is the solution ”. We know it. We got it. Always. Forever "



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Article written by  Christian Eyer  for  Dome Music Therapy

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